Veer Naher Singh

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Press note- Veer Raja Naahar Singh (DAY 2)
Theatre For Theatre
In collaboration with
Department of Information, Public Relations & Cultural Affairs
From 28th July to 30th July, 2013 at Tagore Theatre, Sector 18, Chandigarh

Play- Veer Raja Naahar Singh
Written By- Ashok Lal
Directed By- Sudesh Sharma

Synopsis of the play

The Indian revolt of 1857 or popularly called the “Indian Rebellion of 1857” was the pioneer landmark and the start of the Indian fight for Independence. There were several uprisings from the numerous states of India.Of this, there was one uprising that really juddered the whole kingdom of the British and that was of Raja Naahar Singh of Ballabhgarh. This play depicts the life and rise of Naahar Singh as a king and as a pioneer in initiating the fight for independence in the state of Haryana.Even though the communal relations during the 1857 uprising were very cordial, Raja Naahar Singh and his small army were forced to fight for independence and suppress the British rule due to many factors.Wth the use of Haryanvi folk songs and powerful and accurate presentations on the screen, the production becomes more enticing. The play includes all the essential elements of a drama that is story, lights, music, dance, costumes et al.

The inclusion of British characters General Showers and Resident Matcoff who devise a plan to kill Naahar and the poor, destitute praja (people) of the kingdom who fight the British, the play comes out with even more reality and takes us back to that time when Ballabhgarh people were under the suppression of the British in the 1820s.
The song Dil Mein Hilore Kal Kal Kal is sung simultaneously when the 1857 uprising is shown on stage with the British soldiers fighting the army of Naahar Singh along with the original images of the 1857 mutiny flashing on the screen.
The British were aware of the Raja’s secret dealing. Consequently, they apprehended him after the robbery of the treasure of Palwal (a district in Ballabhgarh) and brought him to trial on December 19, 1857. Along with the charge of the burglary of the treasure of Palwal, Naahar Singh was also charged with the offence of helping the rebels with men, money, and material in waging war against British and for assuming usurped and unlawful authority over the British pargana of Palwal. On January 2nd, 1858, Raja was found guilty of the charges preferred against him with the exception of “money” of which the court acquitted him. Raja Naahar Singh was finally hanged at Kotwali, Chandi Chowk in Delhi on January 9th, 1858.
So on the whole the play is a gripping and a true depiction on the life of Naahar Singh, who is a forgotten hero of the Indian war of Independence. With this production, we bring back to you that valiant, brave and revolutionary figure of Raja Naahar Singh who had a dream. A dream to bring happiness and freedom for his praja. A dream to live and prosper in a free India.

CAST and CREDITS of the play

Naahar Singh- Mohit Gupta

Rani Kapurthala- Purnima Thapa

Rani Maa- Geeta Gandhi

Sufi Baba- Krishan Kumar Doda

Mama- Harwinder Singh

Abbeyy- Manish Dogra

Preet, Tauu- Tejbhan Gandhi

Naahar Singh (Young)- Anshi Sharma

Purohit, General Showers- Karan Singh Bisht

Pandit 1, Lawyer- Harsh Mittal

Pandit 2- Kunal Arora

Resident Matcoff- Mandeep Singh Dhillon

Judge- Mukul

Daasi- Priya Sharma, Vrinda Kukar

Grameen- Nawaab- Guards-
Saurabh Sharma Jaspal Singh Barnala Maninder Singh Bhatti
Rohit Sharma Rajvir Chauhan Abhishek Sood
Varinder Deol Rahul Chowdhary Mohit Kamal
Prakash Sharma Virender Sharma Jagwinder Pratap Singh
Vivek Roy Khanna Bhawsheel Singh Sahni
Deepak Rawat

Music Director- Ashok Lal, Vinod Pawar, Maajid Khan

Rhythm/ Percussionist- Suresh Nayak

Singers- Rajesh Sharma, Kuldeep Bakshi, Sukhjeet Singh, Manish Kumar, Pooja Sharma

Costumes- Bhupinder Kaur, Geeta Gandhi

Lights- Shavinder Pal Singh

Production- Hardeep Lally, Shavinder Pal Singh, Karan Sharma, Karan Chauhan

Multimedia- Tejinder Joshi

Writer- Ashok Lal

Assistant Director- Tejbhan Gandhi

Set Design and Direction- Sudesh Sharma