Pattan Di Beri

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“Pattan Di Berhi”
What happens when you are the victim of the biggest misunderstanding of your life? What happens when you are in a dilemma of love? What happens when your husband catches you with another person twice?
This is the story and plight of Deepo who has a sister in law Laajo and husband, Surjeet. She also has a lover, Sunder. All these characters are interwoven beautifully and emotionally in this strong and amazing script by Balwant Gargi.
Deepo is the wife of a fisherman, Surjeet who left her 4 years ago because he had caught her with Sunder. On the other hand, Laajo and Deepo have their own complex misconceptions and emotions about love, lust, loving another man, is love a crime etc. etc.Sunder is a strong character in the play who is the childhood friend of Surjeet, who loves Deepo as well truly and passionately. The biggest plot o fthe story if the doubt in love throughout which this story revolves. If a woman is seen with another man, doubts, misunderstandings start to arise. This is not the case in only Deepo’s life but exists even today.
The end of this play is very dramatic when Surjeet comes back after 4 years only to see Sunder and Deepo embracing and loving each other. But the truth was that Sunder had bought medicine for Laajo’s bua who is suffering from severe cold.
Even after desperate attempts by Deepo to convince Surjeet that what he was saying was nothing but Surjeet did not understand and left the house again. Seeing this, Deepo also forces Sunder away and the play fades away.
This is the main theme of the play.
Cast and Credits of the play
Laajo- Priya Sharma
Deepo- Sushma Gandhi
Bua- Geeta Gandhi
Surjeet- Gurpreet Toor
Sunder- Gurpreet Bains
Fisherman- Kapil Dhiman

Lights- Abhishek Sood
Music- Nitin Sharma, Bhawsheel Singh Sahni
Set Deign- Harwinder Singh, Sudesh Sharma
Direction- Veena Dhir