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Press Note
Theatre For Theatre
In collaboration
Ministry of Culture (Govt.of India)
Punjab Arts Council & Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi
From 12th January to 18th January, 2016
Randhawa Auditorium, Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chandigarh

Play- Gatha Anandpur Sahib Di Written By- Ashwani Kumar Sawan

Directed By- Sudesh Sharma Date 18/01/16

Synopsis of the play

350 years ago established, Anandpur Sahib a beautiful historic town placed in the hills of the Himalayas, is not just a city, but is also the birthplace of those two events, who laid the foundation of a new age. Sri Anandpur Sahib is not only the city established by our Ninth Guru Shri Teg Bahadur Ji, but also has the distinction of being the birth ground where Khalsa Saajna was done.
Anandpur Sahib is the city, which 350 years ago, the ninth guru Sri Teg Bahadur Ji, bought from the king of Khilur in 500 Rupees. Earlier the name of this town was named by Sri Guru Teg Bahadur after his mother’s name “Nanaki Chaunk” and later it became Sri Anandpur Sahib.
On the same token, as this historic city completes 350 years of the establishment. The 350th Anniversary of Anandpur Sahib is being celebrated in a way to commemorate and promote the importance of this eve and this place. So a Chandigarh based theater group is staging a play named "Gaatha Anandpur Sahib Ki". This play is directed by Sudesh Sharma and written by Ashwani Kumar Sawan.
In Today's realistic time, we have forgotten and are far from our history, their culture and traditions. Also in search of pleasure and good life style we even are shifting in great numbers to abroad and settling down there. But some of us who are still very curious to know about our history culture, and to go to the roots of our manners and life style, they come and tries to unfold these pages of history.
The drama begin with Village Bakale where it was revealed that the real Guru is Guru Teg bhadur Ji, then the play shows the struggle of Guru Ji with Masand’s and leaving Bakale village . Guru Ji then leaves for Majje Village and while going to Kiratpur, he keeps on promoting bani in various parts of Majje and Amritsar. On reaching Kiratpur by accepting the request of the Queen of Kiratpur. Guruji founded this historic town and began to live with the family here in Makhowal by paying a sum of 500 rupees.
This play also includes, how Guru Teg Bhadur Ji went to Delhi to rescue Kashmiri Pandits, who came for help in his darbar. Guru Ji’s incomparable sacrifice and then how Bhai Jaita Singh came to kiratpur with sheesh, everything is included in this play.
After the martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Preparation of Shashtrdhari Sikh by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. His struggle with the kings of the hill and after fighting Wars of Bhangani and Nadaun, to announce armed war against tyranny and oppression. Also To make Sikhs as saint soldier by Guru Tegbahadur Ji on 14, 1699 AD Sajna of Khalsa Panth on Vaisakhi day, all this is a valuable piece of history attached to the Sri Anandpur Sahib, which is being presented to you by this drama.
This play is an honest try to represent one of the most important events of our history. This play is attached to Anandpur Sahib historical events and offers many opportunities so that our rich and proud history can be relived and remembered.

Characters on Stage

1 Professor Bibi Harjinder Kaur (Ex-Mayor CHD)
2 Munda Sourabh Sharma
3 Kuri Priya Sharma
4 Makhan Shah,Safi Khan Tejhbhan Gandhi
5 Admi, Almast, Amar Jassar
7 Dhir Mal,Bhim Chand Harman Pal Singh
8 Shiha Masand,Kirpa Ram, Gurpreet Bains
9 Hem Chand ,Vajir Jaspal Barnala
10 Harji Naresh Bhagat
11 Chatarbhuj Gurpreet Guri
12 Balu Hasna,Sipahi 1 Jackie Sharma
13 Aurangzeb Nitin Sharma
14 Kaji Harwinder Singh
15 Villager 1, Guard Deep Bajwa

Back Stage

16 Music,Video Effect And Editing Abhishek Sood
17 Lights Saurav Sharma
18 Costume Bhupinder Kaur
19 Production Vikrant Seth
20 Asst Director 1 Gurpreet Guri
21 Chief Asst Director Harwinder Singh
22 Make up Parvesh Sethi
23 Scene Designer Veena Dhir