Gadhe ki Barat

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Gadhey ki Barat
Gadhey ki Barat is a Marathi play written by Sh. Hari Bhai Vadgaokar and translated into Hindi by S.Rajender Mehra and Sh. Ramesh raj Hans. It is a social and political satire which carried the message that politicians always twist the circumstances to their own advantage and that the gap between haves and have-nots can never be filled. All attempts to make a bridge to fill the gap between the poor and rich always fail.
The hero of the play “Kallu is a potter, who represents the common public and makes passing taunting references to the follies of political leaders and bureaucrats. This play leaves a hiden impression that whatever happens in political and social circles but the real sufferer is always the common man.
The play is based on a popular folk tale and myth prevalent in the countryside but embellished the Flabor of Mautanki of Utter Pardesh. It seeks to project the fact that chasm between the poor and rich. Whether it is on this earth or ever after death in heaven. The similarly in treatment and behavior is common in both the spheres as Kings and emperor enjoy the benefits of royalty on earth while the poor and downtrodden lead a miserable existence. On the same analogy heaven to God region supreme as God kind Inder rolls in great wealth happiness and ecstasy surrounded by fawning beauties and dancing girls. The common man is told that there is no place for him in heaven and he lodged in hell. This accentuates the difference between the rich and poor in the upper world as well one of the God is punished and converted into Ass and sent down to the earth under a course ( ). He goes into the potter house, who lavishes his love on him. But subsequently he fulfill some condition put by the king and wins the hand of the royal premises and thus enter the upper echelon. He than forgets his days with the potters. This scene is comparable with our politician who forget. Those who raised him to fame after they are elected.
Front &Back

1. Te Bhan Gandi Kallu
2. Kanchan Gupta Gangi
3. Aresh Bhagat Guru Brahaspati
4. Titikshu Inder
5. Mukesh Sharma Raja
6. Harjit Azzez Deewan
7. Bhavna Raj Kumari
8. Harwinder Sainty Chitersain Gandharav
9. Madhu Bala Rambha,Buaji
10. Munish Dogra Guard / Surksha Adhikari
11. Anil Masih Guard / Devta
12. Vijay Machal Music
13. Vikram, Hardeep Barati
14. Writer Hari Bhai Vadgaokar
15. Director Sudesh Sharma
16. Asstt. Director Harwinder Sainty
17. Light
18. Singer
19. Make Up Parvesh Sethi
20. Production Controller Deepak/Vikram Seth
21. Costume & Prop. Kanchan Gupta
22. Asstt. Production Shanti Saini, Vikram, Hardeep