Chir Kumar Sabha

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Synopsis of ChirKumar Sabha presents by Theatre for Theatre
Under the Direction of Sudesh Sharma.

Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore wrote this particular play in 1900-1901 almost 110 years ago. The first publication of this text was written as a novel, later on it was composed as a play. It was regularly staged in 1925 by professional theatre companies. This play has been staged at various venue since 1925. Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore composed on one satire or comedy which can be earlier understood in the light of today’s reality. This drama was one of the ovation of Guru ji which is valid in Contemporary world.
How can be create civilized society without equal contribution of women. Without her cooperation man cannot reach the zenith. Many a time the most difficult task can be easily done with the help of woman. But it is the irony that the male chauvinist society worship Maa Sarswati Aka Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and education. But the same society keep woman deprived of education, this society gets the blessing of goddess of power. But the power is used to exploit women. She has not given equal right in the society still the present scenario. But in fact life of woman is incomplete without a man and vice-versa. The balance of whole universe has to be created where the both gender contribute equally and in fact it happens but yet woman is considered as a second class citizen even by his own parents. Tagore wrote this satire on those narrow content which are more significant in this era because female feoticide, women abuse, honor killing are still prevalent. The story of the play Chir Kumar sabha (bachelor assembly) revolved around a bunch of bachelors who have taken pledge not to utter even name of women and would remain single throughout their life. These males try to follow the path of renunciation and on the other hand they also took pledge to work for welfare of society. In the end it is proved that the philosophy of renunciation is simply sanctimonious. The woman has enormous powers such as creativity, patience, sensitivity and above all motherhood. The same woman guides this civilized society and show the mirror of reality. She also helps in sprouting new hopes and rays of fresh ideas in life.


Purbala - Rupinder Mann

Akshay - Dilbagh Singh

Shail Bala- Anjali Singh

Neer Bala - Divya Aggarwal

Nrip Bala = Damini

Jagattarni - Sumatti

Rassik Baba- Harwinder Singh Saini

Mritanjya - Shawinder lucky

Darukeshwar Gurpreet Bhullar

Shri Babu Ishwar

Vipin Babu Karan Sharma

Puran Babu Supreet Singh

Chander Babu Naresh Bhagat

Nirmala Womiqa Gabbi

Servant Saransh/Sudesh

Director - Sudesh Sharma

Asstt.Dir- Krish

Set- - Varinder Kaushal / Shanti Saini

Costume- Bhupinder Kaur / Reena Arora

Makeup - Monish Dogra

Music - Vikrant Seth

Lights - Krish

Production- Hardeep Singh, Rashminder Singh