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TFT is a Chandigarh based group which was formed in the year 1988 under the able leadership and directorship of Shri Sudesh Sharma.

Theatre for Theatre feels proud in celebrating its “Silver Jubilee”, in today’s time where, on one hand, life is fast paced and modernistic approach is being used everywhere. On the other hand, the society is forgetting the ideals of our cultural heritage, art as well as morality ethnicity. In order to protect, preserve and promote art and culture as well as infuse new blood transfusions in its veins, TFT has been regularly putting in efforts and dedication for the past 25 years. So as to bring out the colour, diversification and life in this heavenly form of art, Theatre, in front of the audience and to establish a connection between the audience and Theatre.

Theatre for Theatre has made successful endeavors to teach school children and elderly people with the medium of theatre, the respect and development of our art and culture. So that every person can form a relationship between fine art and the art of life.

Along with that, in schools and colleges also, theatre should be inculcated as a proper subject and it should be taught so that at a very young age only, children and students get to know about theatre and culture and its colours are filled in their lives right from their childhood. And for this, TFT regularly conducts workshops in different schools and colleges of the tricity.  Theatre for Theatre is persistently making endeavors so that the Theatre Industry and Film Industry can be further strengthened and it is respected in the form of great art.

Theatre for Theatre is still awaiting the day when plays will be performed and showcased on the ticket system i.e. with the purchase of tickets. It is still waiting for the day when theatre will be at its peak and artists will be able to lead a sustainable livelihood only with theatre. And for his living, an artist wouldn’t have to look for any other job.

TFT, in the 25 years of its existence has established a new milestone in the world of theatre. When Chandigarh was recognized as the city of stones in whose heart there was no artistic heartbeat, no creative image. When, only two or three plays were staged in a year. TFT has come a long way in finding these dead stones and listening, recognizing there heartbeats and performing a play 225 days consecutively. TFT has indeed come a long way in giving a new, fresh lease of life to the otherwise dying theatre in our City Beautiful. After facing many ups and downs, TFT has become a name to reckon with in the world of theatre not only in the tricity but in the whole of India. Starting from a humble beginning, TFT became the main source to thwart the onslaught of electronic media in the year 1999 by staging the production of the play “COURT MARTIAL” of which 401 shows have already been staged.

During its journey, many stalwarts of theatre such as Parvesh Sethi, Vansh Bhardwaj, KK Doda, Tejbhan Gandhi,Harwinder Singh, Vikrant Seth,Naresh Bhagat joined in as its permanent members. TFT became a place where parents felt happy and safe in sending their daughters and sons to learn theatre in its repertory. TFT has been organizing workshops on different subjects related to theatre and cinema like Make Up, Urdu Speaking, History, Photography, Editing etc. this process is still continuing and more than 30 students are still learning theatre at TFT. It has the services of theatre thespians like Mrs. Veena Dheer, Tejbhan Gandhi and Parvesh Sethi.

It is also a matter of great pride for TFT that three of its artists viz. Krishan, Vansh Bhardwaj and Hitender got admission in Dept. Of Indian Theatre, Panjab University and one artist Ms. Aman Khehra was selected in National School of Drama (NSD), Delhi.

Workshops by eminent theatre personalities like D.R. Ankur, Shri Utpal Jha and Ashok Lal were conducted at TFT.

There is another feather in TFT’s cap, its artist Parvesh Sethi got the National Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for acting in 2012, Haryana Urdu Academy Award 2012 and Chandigarh State Award 2004. Sh. Vansh bhardwaj got the Bismillah Khan Award from National Sangeet Natak Akademi.

When we take a look at the history of this city, we would come to know that no theatre festival was organized. No theatre workshops used to take place. Theatre for Theatre in its long journey of 25 years has itself organized 20 Theatre Festivals:


TFT Winter Theatre Festival                                                  12 times

TFT Oscar Theatre Festival (Punchkula)                              4 times

TFT Summer Theatre Festival                                                4 times

TFT Baisakhi Theatre Festival                                                 5 times

TFT Basant Theatre Festival                                                  5 times

TFT Dance and Theatre Festival                                         One time

TFT Sanskar Bharti Rashtriya Natya Utsav                         3 time

TFT Literature Festival                                                                   1 time


 Theatre for Theatre has also participated in 35 National Theatre Festivals in different states of India. The details are as follows:


1)      8th-10th November, 2013- CHANDIGARH LITERAUTURE FESTIVAL (Held at Taj Hotel, Chandigarh)


2)      25th-26th September, 2013- “BaldeyTibbey” at PUNJAB THEATRE FESTIVAL (By NZCC, Patiala, held at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh)


 3)      9th September, 2013- “Chehrey” at NATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Bodh Gaya, Bihar)


4)      27th July, 2013- “KisseParsaaiKeat HARYANA THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Jodhpur)


 5)      21st March, 2013- “Chehrey” at NATAYAM THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Bhatinda)


6)      28th February, 2013- “Chehrey” at ABHINAV THETARE FESTIVAL (At Indore)


 7)      12th November, 2012- “Nithalley Ki Diary” at CHANDIGARH SANGEET NATAK AKADEMI THEATRE   FESTIVAL (At Tagore Theater, Chandigarh)


8)      3rd November, 2012- “Chehrey” at NATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh)


 9)      10th August, 2012- “Aadhi Raa tKe Baad” at BHARAT FESTIVAL (At Bhopal)


10)    27th November, 2012- “Chehrey” at AMRITSAR THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Amritsar)


11)   10th August, 2012- “Chehrey” at HARYANA THEATRE FESTIVAL (At Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh)


12)   10th November, 2011- “Court Martial” at NATAYAM THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Bhatinda)


13)   5th August, 2011- “Chir Kumar Sabha” at RABINDRANATH TAGORE THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh)


14)   21th March, 2011- “Loha Kut” at NZCC THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh)


15)    17th March, 2011- “Loha Kut” at NZCC THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Shimla)


16)   11th December, 2010- “Loha Kut” at AMRITSAR THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Amritsar)


17)   11th November, 2010- “Ek Mamuli Aadmi” at CHANDIGARH SANGEET NATAK AKADEMI THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Bal Bhawan, Chandigarh)


18)   17th September, 2010- “LohaKut” at GURSHARAN SINGH NAAT UTSAV (Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh)


19)   29th March, 2010- “Chehrey” at CHAITRA NAAT UTSAV by NZCC (at Shimla)


20)   25th March, 2010- “Chehrey” at NZCC THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Patiala)


21)   23rd March, 2010- “Chehrey” at NORTH THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Jammu)


22)   13th November, 2008- “Aadh iRaat Ke Baad” CSNA CHANDIGARH THEATRE FESTIVAL (Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh)


23)   24th February, 2007- “Inder Ka Vardhan” at ROSE FESTIVAL (Rose Garden, Chandigarh)


24)   11th November, 2006- “Chehrey” at CSNA CHANDIGARH THEATRE FESTIVAL (at Tagore Theatre)


25)   23rd August, 2004- “Court Martial” at ROSE FESTIVAL (Open Air Theatre, Rose Garden, Chandigarh)


26)   22nd August, 2004- “Dulla Bhatti” at TFT FESTIVAL (at Bathinda)


 27)   24th February, 2003- “Court Martial” at MULTILINGUAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (Konkan, Maharashtra)


28)      8thFerbruary, 2003- “Court Martial” at MULTILINGUAL THEATRE FESTIVAL (Shimoga. Karnataka)


29)   6th October, 2002- “Court Martial” at RASHTRIYA RANG PURV (Allahabad)


 Now talking about the various theatre-related workshops organized by TFT in the past 25 years in various city colleges and schools, the details are as follows;


1)      1st June-15th June, 2005- at Sood Bhawan, Sector 44, Chandigarh


2)      4th February-15th February, 2010- at PEC University of Technology, Sector 11, Chandigarh


3)      20th March-21st March, 2010- workshop by Dev Raj Ankur (Former National School Drama, Director)


4)      27thy January-10th February, 2011- workshop by Dev Raj Ankur at Sood Bhawan, Sector 44, Chandigarh


5)      1st May- 2nd May, 2011- Makeup workshop


6)      28th May- 20th June, 2011- CCET, Sector 26, Chandigarh


7)      11th April- 30th April, 2008- THEATRE IN EDUCATION scheme by TFT


8)      2nd may- 27th May, 2012- CCET, Sector 26, Chandigarh


9)      29th April- 1st May, 2012- Makeup workshop by Parvesh Sethi


10)   3rd June-10th June. 2012- Script Writing workshop by Ashok Lal


11)   7th July-15th July, 2012- Multimedia Editing workshop by Shavinder Singh Lucky


12)   15th January-20th January, 2013- Hindi/Urdu language workshop by Parvesh Sethi


13)   2nd May-15th May, 2013- Body Movement and Improvisation workshop by Veen Dhir



Apart from workshops, theatre festivals and participation in national theatre festivals, TFT have also organized a number of exhibitions and interactive discussion seminars:


1)      Photography Exhibition- 7th to 13th December, 2008 at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh


2)      Photography Exhibition- 24th to 27th September, 2009 at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh


 3)      Photography Exhibition- 7th to 13th December, 2009 at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh


4)      Painting Exhibition- 14th-18th May, 2004 at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh


5)      14th January, 2004- Indo-Pak Cultural Relation Seminar


6)      27th March, 2008- Panel Discussion


 7)      21st September, 2008- “Ru-Ba-Ru” by Kamal Vidrohi (An eminent theatre personality)


 8)      21st February, 2009- Book Release and Discussion- “Hindustani Rangmanch Ke Sunhere Yug”


 9)      14th November, 2009- Tree Plantation and Street Play on Environment Protection


10)   21st November, 2010- Tree Plantation and Street Play on Environment Protection


11)    11th April, 19th April, 26th April, 30th April, 2008- THEATRE IN EDUCATION scheme- Meeting with DPI (S), UT Administration(An aim to start innovative teaching methodologies by theatre)

The main spirit behind TFT is its director, Shri Sudesh Sharma who has been awarded the Safdar Hashmi Award from Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi and also the Pandit Lakshmi Chand Award form Haryana Cultural Affairs Department.


TFT has been organizing six theatre festivals in a year and has been an inspiration for other theatre groups to follow suit. The future of Theatre is very safe in the hands of Shri Sudesh Sharma and Theatre for Theatre (TFT).


And in the end, we have also felicitated many of our artists and other people who are in some way or the other involved in the promotion, protection, and preservation of theatre. And have been associated with Theatre for Theatre for quite a long time. The list of persons who have been recognized and rewarded for their contribution to Theatre is:


1)      HS Bhatti

 2)      Parvesh Sethi

 3)      Ashok Lal

 4)      Munna Dhiman

 5)      Madhu Behl

 6)      Mrs Kumar

 7)      Kamal Arora

 8)      Kamal Tiwari

 9)       Sham Lal

 10)   Jagmail Singh

 11)   Jatinder Brar

12)   Tejhban Gandhi

Soon the whole, we have constantly tried to help promote Theatre and even after such accomplishments we feel there is still a long way to go. And in the end, I would like to thank you, the media fraternity for being our ultimate pillar of support and strength throughout our journey. Because without you, we are like worn out leaves, with very less support.


We hope that our relationship gets stronger and stronger by the day. And we all make a combined effort to PROTECT, PROMOTE and PRESERVE ART,